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Getting started with 1st Clicks

Downloading and Installing 1st Clicks
In order to use 1st Clicks, please go to the download and install it on your personal computer.

After successfully installing 1st Clicks onto your computer, run it. Your desktop will be replaced by the 1st Clicks desktop and user interface.

1st Clicks is a simple and easy to use program.
First of all, it is advisable to set the administrator password, so that only you will have access to your settings, and also so that only you will be able to exit from the program. To set your password, click on here next to 'To change the program settings..' then click on Administrator Password, and input the password of your choice.

You will then want to input the programs, games and websites that you would like your children to have access to through the 1st Clicks desktop. To do this, click on here next to 'To change the program settings..'
To set which programs can be accessed, click on Allowed Programs List, then on Add, and input the details of the program.
Repeat this process for games and websites under the corresponding headings.

To exit 1st Clicks and return back to your standard desktop, simply click on here next to 'To close 1st Clicks..' and input your password.

Please refer to the 1st Clicks manual for more information about using 1st Clicks.

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