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Overview of 1st Clicks

What is 1st Clicks?
1st Clicks is a parental control program that enables parents to block their young child's access to the desktop, and specify what their child can access on the computer. 1st Clicks additionally protects your computer files and settings from being deleted or changed by your children, or by an unexperienced user.

Who is 1st Clicks for?
1st Clicks is designed for parents with young children, who want to let them use the computer in their absence, but do not want them to have access to the desktop, and who want to be able to specify which games, programs and websites the children can can enter into.
1st Clicks is also designed for anyone who is concerned that their young child, or an unexperienced user, could delete their files or change their settings by accident.

How can 1st Clicks help me?
1st Clicks temporarily replaces your desktop with a new one. On this new desktop, you then specify which games, programs and websites your children can enter into. It will be impossible for your children to access the original desktop, thus giving you full control over how they can use the computer.
Hence, with 1st Clicks you can review and select which programs, games and websites you consider suitable for your children.
1st Clicks gives you great flexibility to customize your settings exactly to your requirements (depending on the age of your child etc), enabling you to leave your child alone on the computer for as long as you like, in the knowledge that he or she is using it exclusively in a beneficial way.
It you are concerned that your young child, or an unexperienced user could change your settings or delete files by accident, then 1st Clicks helps you by blocking access to your standard desktop.

1st Clicks temporarily overrides your desktop and replaces it with a screen containing 3 boxes entitled as follows:
  • Internet Links
  • Games Corner
  • Programs
1st Clicks contains a database in which you can add or remove entries into the boxes listed above. Your child will then be able to gain access to these entries through the 1st Clicks desktop.

Your settings are stored in an encrypted file, and are protected by an administrator password; meaning that only you will have control over the 1st Clicks desktop and its settings.

Pricing and avaliability
1st Clicks is offered with a very flexible price scheme. If you by multiple licenses at one time, there are great savings to be had.
With 1st Clicks you get free upgrades for one year, and thenceforth you pay just 50% of the current price of the program.

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