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Overview of Chronager

What is Chronager?
Chronager is a parental control program which enables you to control when, by whom and how your computer can be used.

Who is Chronager for?
Chronager is designed for parents who are concerned about the possible detrimental effects of their child's excessive use of the computer or particular functions of the computer, and on the harm that this may cause to their development.

How can Chronager help me?
Chronager gives you full control over when your child can use the computer,and its individual functions; such as the Internet, the CD ROM, and particular programs. Chronager gives you great flexibility to customize your settings exactly to your requirements (depending on the age of your child, problem areas of excessive use etc), enabling you to leave your child alone on the computer for as long as you like, in the knowledge that he or she is using it in a beneficial way.

Brief review of the features of Chronager
Chronager gives you the power to control the following functions on your computer:
  • The Internet
  • Particular Programs
  • The CD ROM
  • The disk drive
  • The computer as a whole
With Chronager you can customize the level of control on your computer to each user or group of users. For example, you can give your younger child daily access to to the computer for an hour at a certain time each evening, and your older child access all day long, but restrict his access to games to only a couple of hours a day.

Chronager enables a parent to view a child’s Internet activity log, and find out how and when the computer has been used.

Your settings are stored in a strongly encrypted file, and are protected by an administrator password; meaning that only you will have control over which websites can be accessed, and by whom.
Chronoger works on the system level and cannot be bypassed.

Pricing and avaliability
Chronoger is offered with a very flexible price scheme. If you by multiple licenses at one time, there are great savings to be had.
With Chronoger you get free upgrades for one year, and thenceforth you pay just 50% of the current price of the program.

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