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Getting started with CyberSieve

Downloading and Installing CyberSieve
In order to use CyberSieve, please go to the download and install it on your personal computer.

After successfully installing CyberSieve on your computer, run it. You will see the user interface from which you can make your settings.

Customizing your level of restrictions by setting user names and groups
CyberSieve allows you to set up different levels of restrictions for each member of your family (or personnel) depending on their maturity, interest, habits and parental control needs.
To do this, click on Users and Groups.
To facilitate the administration, CyberSieve allows you to unite users into groups and customize settings for a whole group. There is no need to customize every user's settings.

The CyberSieve program identifies a user by the same login name the user enters when he/she logs in to Windows (windows login name or logon). If you do not add a new login to the user list of CyberSieve, the program will add it automatically to the "Guests" group.
Please note that users of computers, where CyberSieve's Client version is installed, will not be displayed in the "Guests" group of the "Users and Groups" page of the Server computer.
If necessary, users of Client versions might be added into the "Guests" group or any other group.

The program will automatically add the administrator who did the CyberSieve installation into the "Administrators" group.

Computer name added to user name for identification of a user in a network, i.e. "Computer_name/User" or "Computer_name/Windows_login_name".

CyberSieve software contains the following built-in users groups:
  • Administrators: Built-in account for administering CyberSieve. Please note, that all unregistered computer administrators who did the CyberSieve installation will be added to this group automatically.
  • Guests: Built-in account for guest access to the Internet. Please note that all unregistered users will be added to this group automatically.
  • Users: Built-in account for restricted users.
You should click on New Group to create a new users' group. After that you should add users to the selected users' group. You are able to customize CyberSieve settings for a whole group. If you need to set up different levels of restrictions for some users, you should create another group for these users.

After that you should set up CyberSieve settings for Web Sites, Programs, etc the created users groups.

Setting the time that the Internet can be accessed
To set the times that the Internet can be accessed for each group/user, CyberSieve contains an easy to use timetable. Simply click on Internet Timetable, and highlight in red the times in which the Internet is to be barred. To set a daily time limit for using the Internet (without specifying when in the day) click on Daily Time Limits, and set the time limit for each day of the week

Setting which websites can be viewed, and which are to be barred
The essence of CyberSieve is in its filtering capabilities. To set up your Internet filtering control for each group/user, click on Settings and click on the function that you want to control. First of all you need to decide if you want to make use of the CyberSieve's built in database of inappropriate sites. If so, click on Web Sites and then click on Built-in Database to select which categories, of web sites you want to be barred.

If you just want to bar only specific web sites, simply type their Url address into the the Blocked Web Sites list. If you want to permit specific websites that you know are benign, add them into the Trusted Web Sites list.

In the same you way. you can control program, word and news group use. Just click on the corresponding heading in the settings box.

Checking Internet activity
It is easy to keep a check on the Internet activity of your child. To Monitor which websites and programs have been entered into and when, click on Logs and Charts, then click on Online Activity or Program Activity. Here you can view a list of the most recently accessed sites and programs. By clicking on Warnings Log, you can find out if the Internet or a program was attempted to be accessed outside of the permitted time.

Viewing your logs from another computer
Using Remote Logs you can instruct CyberSieve to send logs (a list of visited web sites, news groups, generated warnings etc) from your local computer to the SoftForYou web server, and then to view these logs from any place with the help of a normal web browser. All the details are password protected and will be accessible only to you.

After the installation of the 14 day trial version of CyberSieve you can receive a temporary account in order to test the remote logs, which will be accessible to you for the period of 14 days. Use TRIAL000 as a temporary serial number.

In order to receive your account on the SoftForYou server, select Settings > Remote Logs, mark "Enable Remote Logs" checkbox, click on "Get New Account" button and in the opened window create the password that you will use in order to view the logs.

Viewing of your logs.
The received logs will be kept on the SoftForYou server for one month from the moment that they are received. You can view the logs from any place, using a standard web browser. In order to view the logs navigate to "" in your browser and type in your login and password.

Please refer to the CyberSieve manual for more information about using CyberSieve.

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