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Overview of CyberSieve

What is CyberSieve?
CyberSieve is an Internet filtering and monitoring program which enables you to control when the Internet can be used, and which websites can be accessed through your computer. In addition to the monitoring features of iProtectYou, CyberSieve allows you to monitor your children no matter where you are; in another room, at work or away on a business trip.

Who is CyberSieve for?
CyberSieve is designed for parents who are concerned about the possible detrimental effects of the Internet on the development of their children.
CyberSieve is also designed for schools and libraries, so that they can control what is being viewed in public spaces, and schools, so that children do not have free access to undesirable sites on the Internet.

How can CyberSieve help me?
CyberSieve gives you full control over when your child can use the Internet, and what sites and programs he or she can access when on the Internet. CyberSieve gives you great flexibility to customize your settings exactly to your requirements (depending on the age of your child, moralistic standpoint etc), enabling you to leave your child alone on the computer for as long as you like, in the knowledge that he or she is using it in a beneficial way.
CyberSieve's advanced distance monitoring system means that you will be always in the know of how your child is using the Internet. Even if you are on the other side of the world, you can check on a computer to make sure that he or she is not abusing his/her computer time.

Brief review of the features of CyberSieve
With CyberSieve you have a wide range of filtering options:
  • Block specific websites of your choice
  • Block all websites, whilst enabling specific websites of your choice to be accessed
  • Block access to sites according to category (violence, drugs, sex etc) by enabling the built-in database of pre-selected forbidden sites
  • Block or enable specific programs
  • Block or enable specific news groups
With CyberSieve you have the following monitoring options:
  • Monitor which websites and programs have been accessed
  • Monitor when they were accessed
  • Monitor when someone has tried to break the rules, by trying to access the Internet outside of the agreed time, or by trying to access a barred website.
  • Monitor your child's Internet activity no matter where you are; in another room, at work or away on a business trip.
With CyberSieve you can set daily time limits for using the Internet, or set the particular times in which the Internet can be accessed.

With CyberSieve you can customize when the Internet can be accessed, and which websites can be accessed to each user or groups of users. For example, you can set the program to the highest level of filtering for your young child, whilst giving you older child general access to the web whilst barring a few specific sites of your choice.

With CyberSieve you can set traffic limits, thereby limiting the amount of data that can be downloaded in any one day.

With iProtectYou you can add certain words to the inappropriate words list so that Emails, Websites and instant messengers will be blocked if they contain such words.

Please refer to the our web site for more information about CyberSieve's features.

Your settings are stored in a strongly encrypted file, and are protected by an administrator password; meaning that only you will have control over which websites can be accessed, and by whom.
CyberSieve works on the system level and cannot be bypassed.

Pricing and avaliability
CyberSieve is offered with a very flexible price scheme. If you by multiple licenses at one time, there are great savings to be had.
With CyberSieve you get free upgrades for one year, and thenceforth you pay just 50% of the current price of the program.

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