The CyberSieve Network Version allows administrators to manage all installed copies of
CyberSieve remotely from one administrator's computer through local network or Internet.

How It Works

CyberSieve Network Version

One of the computers in your network should be configured as the CyberSieve Server. It can be an administrator's computer, one of your user's computers, or, for large institutions, you may even want to designate one computer to manage CyberSieve Server. The Server computer can be, but does not have to be, subject to filtering. If the CyberSieve Server does not need to be filtered, no purchase of a license key for it is required. In that case, you can simply use the CyberSieve Server Without Filtering version for FREE.

Install the CyberSieve Client on all other computers that need filtering and that you plan to control from the administrator computer.

All changes that are made on the Server, including the manually edited web sites, news groups, inappropriate words and programs lists, settings for e-mail notifications, timetables, traffic limits, and etc. will be updated on the Clients after synchronization. At the same time, the Server will receive back detailed log files of online activity, programs activity, and warnings generated from all Clients. The administrator can then view these activity logs on the Server computer.

You need to purchase and install CyberSieve onto each PC that requires filtering.
You are free to use either the Single PC or Network version depending on your parental and administrative needs.

1 License    $34.95
2 Licenses   $29.00 each   (17% discount)
3 - 9 Licenses   $22.00 each   (37% discount)
10 - 19 Licenses   $19.00 each   (46% discount)
20 - 49 Licenses   $16.00 each   (54% discount)
50 - 99 Licenses   $14.00 each   (60% discount)
100 - 199   Licenses   $12.00 each   (66% discount)
200 - 299 Licenses   $11.00 each   (69% discount)
300+ Licenses   $10.00 each   (71% discount)

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