Computer addiction

Computer addiction

Computer addiction

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Computer addiction and Internet addiction has been identified by many professionals and the media.

According to Maressa Hecht Orzack, Ph.D. from McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA, our society is becoming more and more "computer dependent" not only for information but for fun also. Computer addiction affects people from all ages.
Kids get hooked up with games and adults with chats and pornographic sites. Some people see the computer as a solution to their overwhelming problems and they become addicts to it. They usually turn to the Internet to play games in an attempt to overcome their anxiety, to change their mood, or to distract themselves from their problems. Mothers have difficulties getting their children to do chores when computers occupy all their time after school. Wives find that their husbands who have a computer addiction neglect their families by spending so much time on the computer after work.

At school the problem of computer addiction can be critical. Some kids don't turn in their homework because they didn't have time to do it. They fall asleep in classes because they stay up late playing games on the computer, and their grades start falling, they lose interest in anything that doesn't have to do with computer games.

Chronoger is a software program that can help by enabling you to restrict the times that the computer can be switched on. You can allow you children, foe instance, to use the computer for 1 hour a day after they have done there homework.
With this program, even the least disobedient children with the most evident addiction to computers will not be able to by-pass your rules, as the computer physically will not be able to be turned on by anyone other than yourself.

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Download software against Computer addiction

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