Protection child Internet

Protection child Internet

Protection child Internet

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Many parents employ some kind of protection for their child from the possible dangers associated with Internet and computer use as a whole.
One potential problematic area of the Internet for your child is blog sites. These sites are basically an on-line journal. It is a very simple mechanism to control and provide content to a web page. The user just creates an account and begins posting content to his or her blog. Content can be pictures, music, video or text. This blog is often then freely available to the public, and are open to anyone in the world to read.
A predator could start up a conversation with your child by getting their chat name from the child’s blog/web site, by searching the user database profiles or by joining a chat room for which the child is a member.
Parents need to take child protection measures to keep them safe on such sites.

Another danger of the Internet that parents need to be aware of is chat sites. And these sites are very popular with children. Unfortunately they can offer particular dangers that parents need to be aware of.
Chat sites are particularly common amongst children, as they offer previously unparalleled opportunities to communicate in real time with people from all corners of the globe.
However, not all of these people are benign. Many people use chat sites to seduce children and adolescents. Some of them are willing to expend considerable amounts of time and energy in the process, at first striking up a casual friendship, before slowly introducing sexual content into the conversations with children.
Again, parents need to employ child protection measures to keep them safe.

Choronger is a child protection software program that enables you to minimize the risks inherent in using the Internet, and overusing the computer as a whole. This protection program works by enabling you to restrict the times that you child can access the computer and the Internet (as well as programs and the CDROM).
With Chronoger, you will have control over when and how your child can use the computer, and correspondingly, the safety of your child on the computer will be increased.

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