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If parents do not restrict their child's access to the CDROM, a lack of discipline might mean that instead of doing homework, the child spends a lot of time playing games or watching films.

Many games are loaded onto the computer though the CDROM. With time, gaming just keeps getting more and more popular amongst people of all ages, particularly among teenagers and children. As games rapidly develop, so does their ability to captivate the minds of young men and women for hours and hours on end. Many of them are very complicated and take weeks of constant playing to complete.

Most parents try in some way to restrict the time that their children spend playing computer games. The great majority of computer games are violence related. One of the greatest problems here is that murder and violence performed by the hero of the game are practically never punished, and often even rewarded. This creates a feeling in children that violence is right, and some kids simply adopt violent behavior because they see nothing wrong about it. The interactive element of the point-and-shoot computer/video games lets children practice their shooting skills, which eventually become reflexes.

If the CDROM is not restricted, children will be able to watch films instead of working on the computer as they should be. If the child is unmotivated to work, then he or she might be easily tempted to take the more entertaining option.

Chronoger is a new program that allows you to set up the computer so that your child can work on it, but at the same time you can restrict his or her access to the CDROM.
In order to restrict the CDROM, you need to simply fill in a timetable in which you indicate when the CDROM can be accessed, and when it is to be disabled. You can then set an administrator password so that your child will only be able to access the CDROM according to your settings.

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