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With the capability of modern day computers to perform many different types of operation, and with the visual stimulation that they can provide to children, computers are places where children increasingly spend a considerable amount of their free time.

Unfortunately, if children have no schedule for using the computer and the Internet, it can be very detrimental to the mental and even physical development of children.

Without a computer schedule, children can spend as long as they want idly on chat sites, downloading music and playing games etc. This is more often than not of little educational value to a child, and if a lot of his or her free time is devoted to such activities, he or she is deprived of the necessary stimulus to develop mentally. This illusional world is no substitute for the real, and children are receiving stimulation in a very passive capacity, unlike the dynamic stimulus a child is exposed to in real life situations.

A computer schedule is needed so that a child can spend more time in the real world, where his or her mental abilities can develop better.
A child who spends too much time alone in this virtual world is likely to suffer a sense of alienation from other children and from people in general. It is very beneficial for children to spend leisure time with children of their own age, so as to develop the social skills required in adult life.

It is easy to schedule your child's computer time, by making use of the software program Chronoger. This program enables you schedule into a timetable when the computer can be turned on my your children, and when not. In this way you can protect your children from the harm coused by over use of the computer.

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