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    Internet filtering proxy server for businesses and homes

   ProxEfence 1.0.5 beta
   FREE Proxy Server

Internet filtering proxy server

A proxy server works as an intermediate between client computers of local networks and an external net such as Internet. It processes client’s requests to Internet resources, hides local network structure, provides client security and anonymity. It provides a wide variety of capabilities.
ProxEfence Proxy Server supports a large number of connections and has low system requirements. It can work efficiently when a system has more then one processor and pipeline data processing on the Server and Client sides.
Vista Compatible ProxEfence is fully compatible with Microsoft Vista and Windows 7.

ProxEfence Proxy Server supports protocols:

  • HTTP 1.0 / 1.1 for access to WWW pages;

  • HTTPS for access to secured WWW pages;

  • SOCKS 4 / 5 for the access of programs using SOCKS protocols;

  • POP3, IMAP 4, SMTP for easy communication between mail client and mail servers in Internet.

  • Filter harmful websites
    ProxEfence can block pornography, hate sites, chat rooms, gambling sites and other dangers of the Internet.

    Dynamic Content Analysis
    The ProxEfence program uses dynamic contextual analysis to filter Web content. As Web pages are requested, ProxEfence 's dynamic analysis engine has the ability to understand content in context and filter appropriately.

    Multiple Filtering Profiles
    ProxEfence is highly customizable, permitting administrators to create user groups and policies, setting different levels of restrictions for every user group depending on their maturity, interests, habits, and administrator control needs.

    Remote Management
    The ProxEfence Remote Management feature equips you with powerful administration capabilities. From any Web browser you can modify your entire user group's settings.

    Time Management
    The ProxEfence Time Management feature allows you to manage the time of day and the amount of time that users can spend on the Internet. Time Controls can be set either by limiting the total number of hours and minutes a user can spend on the Internet over a given period, or by setting specific times (in 30-minute increments) when Internet access is allowed or blocked.

    Traffic Management
    The ProxEfence Traffic Management feature allows you to manage the volume of traffic that users can access on the Internet.

    Customized Lists
    ProxEfence permits you to create customized lists of unacceptable (Blocked Sites List) or acceptable (Trusted Sites List) web sites. For example, you could set up a white list of sites that you would allow your users to visit, and block all other sites from access.

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