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   1st Clicks 1.3

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1st Clicks - protect your computer from potential harm
1st Clicks is a program for parents of young children and businesses that hides the computer desktop, and replaces it with a screen containing a list of a few games, programs and websites that parents have made accessible to their children. Your children cannot access the original desktop, and so they cannot run other programs and cannot play games outside of this list, even if they are installed on the computer. In the same way, only the websites in this list will be accessible. Since they don't have access to the original desktop, they cannot cause any harm to files or change any settings.
Businesses can use the program in the same way to give employers access to certain programs, sites, games. All other resources will then be inaccessible from the computer.

  • Set which games your children can play.

  • Set which programs your children can use.

  • Set which websites your children can access.

  • Protect your computer from potential harm mistakenly caused by young users.

  • Protect your children from the inappropriate games, programs and sites.

  • All the computer resources will be inaccesible, except those indicated in the list of programs, sites, games.

  • Buy it once. No annual fee.

  • Free for one year - all program upgrades, even major new releases.

  • Free technical support.

  •       Buy 1st Clicks for only $2.95

          Pricing and Upgrade Policy

          Download a Free 7-day Trial of 1st Clicks

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