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Protect children and guard public-use computers

Internet filtering software for businesses, parents, schools and libraries


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  Parents! Read these basic Internet   safety tips while taking a look at the   CyberSieve control panel and see   how easy it is to make CyberSieve   do exactly what you need it to do.

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   CyberSieve 3.0

   Latest New Features

Internet Filtering Software
Internet filtering and parental control software, gives you the ability to control and monitor your child's use of the Internet, irrespective of where you are: in the neighboring room, at work, or even on vacation, thus enabling you to protect your child from the dangers of the Internet.
In addition, this program enables businesses to limit and control their employees access to the Internet and to any programs.

  • Filter harmful websites and newsgroups.

  • Dynamic content analysis.

  • Restrict Internet time to a predetermined schedule.

  • Decide which programs can have Internet access.

  • Limit the amount of data that can be sent or received to/from your computer.

  • Block e-mails, online chats, instant messages and P2P connections
        containing inappropriate words.

  • Set different levels of restrictions for every member of your family depending
        on their maturity, interests, habits, and parental control needs.

  • Monitor your child’s use of the Internet, irrespective of where you are:
        in the neighboring room, at work, or even on vacation.

  • Restrict chat and instant messaging.

  • Forbidden programs list.

  • CyberSieve processes are now protected from being killed through use of the Task Manager.

  • Get detailed Internet activity logs.

  • Comes provided with a huge built-in database.

  • Integration with popular search engines.

  •     Now the CyberSieve integrates with "Safe Search" options found in popular search engines such as
        Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. This means your children can't search on a search engine and even see
        links to blocked sites.

  • Block Images and Videos sections in popular search engines.

  •     This feature enables better protection against any images when doing an "image only" search.

  • Special Web Sites List.

  •     Websites from this list have their own Timetable and Time Limits.
        The settings that were made on the general Timetable and Time Limits windows do not affect access to these sites.

  • Special Programs List.

  •     Programs from this list have their own Timetable and Time Limits.
        Settings made on the general Timetable and Time Limits windows do not affect on the functionality of these programs.

  • Time Restricted Programs List.

  •     CyberSieve will terminate all programs from this list according to Timetable and Time Limits.
        Programs from this list have their own Timetable and Time Limits.

    Overview of CyberSieve Overview of CyberSieve Getting started with CyberSieve Getting started with CyberSieve

    Network Version
    Administrators of the network version get an effective solution for managing of all installed copies remotely from a single computer through local network or Internet.
    In the network version the program is managed and the information is kept on one single computer.
    The client computers are filtered according to the settings on the server.
    In the same way the filtering is done on the client computers. This lessens the load on the server computer, and thus lessen the delays connected to filtering. This solution enables a normal computer to be used as the server.

    How It Works
    Network version set up instructions

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  • Free, lifetime database updates with every purchase.

  • Free for one year - all program upgrades, even major new releases.

  • 50% lifetime discount on upgrades after the first year.

  • 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Free technical support.

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